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April showers bring May Flowers


Owners of PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine, Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi

Peter & Pattimari are husband and wife, team authors who  have published over 30 books in different genre


We are sorry to have to say goodbye to Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Comments from Authors, Poets, and Artists

The magazine looks great! I love the chicken recipes because they not only sound easy but they made me drool. 

Thank you for sending me the link. Hugs, Eve
**Eve is one who always writes in comments, Thank you Eve. I am making you a book trailer of one of your books as a reward for being so thoughtful each month.*

You guys have outdone yourselves in this issue. Keep up the good work!

Thank you Charles for all the supporting you do for PnPAuthors by getting involved with your comments, suggestions and writings. PnPAuthors will make you a book trailer for all your support.

The Magazine is looking better with each month. I like all of the articles as each one is different and very good.

Peter, I am so into this topic.  Thank you for writing about it. Ancient Times. I have at least 20 or more books on my bookshelf on this subject, and I watch anything on the tube that offers me these types of stories


Promotion of your Books Through Public Reading was enjoyed and it has info I appreciate. Thank you Charles.

Charles your writing is everywhere and I so enjoy it. I like the name turned around like you have; Ray Charles. Is Charles Ray your real name?


Johnny, I'm so addicted to politics right now that I can't stand a day without hearing about who is ahead in the polls, or who might be our next president. There are times when I get sickened by the fight to the finish line, but nevertheless, I turn on the television and watch.


Ahhh, Johnny, you're so much fun to read.


Rebranding by Suzanne was excellent. "Coping with and developing strategies to deal with pain and other symptoms long-term opens a whole new approach to life. Some people find a ‘pain diary’ or journal works. This requires a release, perhaps information that may be helpful for your health professional, rather than focussing on what’s wrong. Looking at the first entries and the last to see a smidgen of progress or other ways that you use to overcome each challenge." This not only works for pain I bet, but it can work for many other things going on in a person's life. I for one have losses and just reading what you've written Suzanne, makes me stop and realize that it can work for me too; even without physical pain. Thank you so very much Suzanne. Bless you.


Linda, I enjoyed your article, and hope we get one from you each month. The Secret is Giving - absolutely!


Liked John's poem. I've seen some of his art and it is good too.


WE MISSED YOU EVE AND DR. WHITE... Hope you are in May's. Several people wrote in about Eve and Dr. White.


Randy Peyser, Pinole, Ca.

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